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Match History

last update: n/a
Hero Result Game Details KDA Gold GPM Hero Damage Items Booster
Win 08/05/16 00:14:54 18 Kills
1 Deaths
15 Assists
20,800 660 21,120
Win 07/05/16 23:31:26 22 Kills
3 Deaths
19 Assists
26,845 603 31,000
Win 07/05/16 22:58:08 28 Kills
5 Deaths
19 Assists
39,900 806 38,780
Win 07/05/16 22:06:02 10 Kills
3 Deaths
18 Assists
16,200 437 21,100
Win 07/05/16 21:31:07 16 Kills
3 Deaths
5 Assists
21,645 560 15,200
Loss 07/05/16 20:44:12 5 Kills
3 Deaths
8 Assists
22,843 652 10,000

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