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What makes sure my account and items are safe?

Our reputation is more important than your items or account. We are much more interested in keeping our customers happy and satisfied that can come back to us again or recommend our services to their friends. Moreover, stealing your account would be impossible if your account is secured by mobile authenticator or family mode. We do not require to disable your steam guard or mobile authenticator while using our service.

What happens if my friends talk to me while you guys are playing?

If someone sends you a message, our booster will inform you right away, you can instruct him to respond appropriately.

Can I play on my account while you're working on it?

Yes but before the game, you will need to check if a booster isn't currently playing on your account. After you've made sure that no booster is playing on your account, you can pause your order. Remember that you can play all game modes apart from ranked solo MMR.

How much Skill Rating will I gain from my solo/duo games?

It's hard to say since many different factors affect MMR gain in Dota2. Such as individual performance, account MMR and win streaks. If you want a more reliable way of gaining MMR, you can consider our MMR Boosting option.

Do you guarantee any win rate when I buy solo/duo games?

Sorry, we do not have a win rate guarantee for solo/duo games. That’s the reason why they are more affordably priced. However, our win rate is generally quite high. If you like, you can purchase a few games first just to try the service.

Can I arrange for the games to be played weekly for anti-decay?

Absolutely. Just let us know when you want the games to be played, or tell us specifically how many games you want to do per week and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. Eg. 7 games per week, etc.

How many games will you guys win?

We currently have a 70% win rate guarantee for all accounts with previous season rank under Grandmaster. If we fail to achieve 70% win rate on your order, we will issue you a full refund! Money-back guarantee does not apply to duo placement orders.

What happens if my friends talk to me while you guys are playing?

On your order page, you will be able to chat with your booster. He will inform you if anything like this happens so you can instruct him to respond appropriately. Check out how your order page will look like here.

Can I play on my account while my boost is active?

Sure, you can! Just make sure you pause your order first. Do note that you should not play competitive on your account if you have a skill rating boost active. We will adjust your order accordingly if you do.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help! We'll be happy to assist you.

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What happens after I order?

After you have made payment through Paypal, with either your Paypal account or credit/debit card, you will be redirected back to our site where you can give us the information we need to start working on your order. Depending on whether you ordered solo or party mmr services, the info we need may be different. For party boost we do not need access to your account, just your steam id in order to add you into the party.

Dota 2 MMR Boosting

Once you have submitted this info, your order will go in the queue and we will start working on it as soon as possible. For solo orders we usually start within an hour, and for party it depends on your availability and arranging a time to play with your hired party partner.

You can also chat with your booster, adjust your order preferences, select heroes you want your booster to play, leave notes, and track your order progress all from within this page. Its super convenient!

Dota 2 MMR Boosting